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I’m a Los Angeles based freelance Designer, Illustrator and Animator.
My career started in 2012 after studying at UNESP  when I was offered a position at Lobo/ Vetor Zero. Since then I’ve been a part of projects and campaigns for all kinds of clients, in roles that run from designer to creative director. I’ve had the great chance to collaborate in projects with people that I admire and respect. As an Art Director at Lobo/Vetor Zero I was fortunate enough to co-lead, design and animate on projects that garnered several awards that you can check bellow. In 2015 I started freelancing and I am in this position since then.


Lobo / Vetor Zero // Freelancer Creative Director
Big Block // 
Freelancer Animator
State Design // Freelancer Motion Designer // Designer / Animator
Lobo / Vetor Zero // Art Director / Motion Designer (3 years)
Editora Alto Astral // Illustrator
LTIA – Laboratório de Tecnologia da Informação Aplicada
Graphic Designer / UX Designer / Team Leader
Inky// Graphic Designer
Lab Sol // Graphic Designer
MOGIFLEX – CHAIRS FACTORY // Upholsterer (8 years)


Microsoft, Abril, Petrobrás, Budweiser, Jack Motors, Bandeirantes, Fiat, GE, GOL, Google, Hawaianas, Itau, Pegeout, Redbull, Sansung, SBT, Space, Vivo, O2, Sony, BP, ESPN, Habibs, Wallmart, D&AD, ENO.


IF Design Awards 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Gold Design Award
“Brincante Title Sequence” / Design Award

The One Show 2015
“Brincante Title Sequence” / Design Merit

“War on Drugo” / Animation Merit

The New York Festivals 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Craft Animation – Bronze
“Brincante Title Sequence” / Production Desing – Bronze

Prêmio Publiciade 2015

“War on Drugo” Melhor Filme Brasileiro

Festival do Clube de Criação de São Paulo 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Técnica – Animação – Prata
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Branded Content – Anuário


Cannes Lions 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Craft Animation – GOLD

Global Awards
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Animation Award
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Design Award

Ciclope Advertising Craft Festival 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Stop Motion – SILVER

London International Advertising Awards 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Design – Animation: GOLD
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Branded Entertainment – Short Film: SILVER
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Film Production and Post-production: BRONZE

El Ojo de Iberoamerica 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Animação – OURO
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Direção – PRATA
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Direção de Arte e Fotografia – BRONZE
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Produção Integral – BRONZE
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Digital – Peças Audiovisuais – PRATA


London International Advertising LIA – 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Branded Entertainment Short Film, Silver
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Design Animation, Gold
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Production and Post Production – Animation, Bronze

Brasil Design Award 2015
GCDP “War on Drugo” / Comunicação Digital, Premiado

Annecy – 2015
D&AD – Wish You Were Here / Selection

D&AD – 2015
D&AD – Wish You Were Here / Branded Filme Content & Entertainment

One Show – 2015
D&AD – Wish You Were Here / Design Award – Merit

“Wife, parents, lindy hop, megaman, cheese, Pixinguinha (brazilian music), Ayrton Senna.”
A small list with what I love and deeply admire.