Art Direction, Design, Animation & Composition

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Passion Pictures director Lobo takes us on a vibrant voyage through India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in this VCCP’s new O2 International Sim commercial. The commercial shows the O2 Sim card travelling through the landscapes of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh using the designs of local artists Shuvo Arman, Humna Mustafa and Anj Rana . I brought these worlds into life by transporting the 2D designs into a rich 3d narrative, resulting in a truly immersive journey. I worked closely with each individual artist to ensure their style and culture was accurately translated and represented throughout the film.



The project came to Lobo Studio through Passion Pictures. What started as a pitch for O2, later became one of the first projects of this partnership. In this project, I received total freedom to create the direction. It’s due to moments like these that I consider the time I worked at Lobo/Vetor Zero a great experience to my career. When I got in contact with the craft work from each country, my first thought was to question how to put such different arts under the light of a new vision. My solution was to explore the tridimensional space, considering that the art pieces didn’t insinuate this possibility in any moment.

Then I won my first pitch. :)!

In the second moment, the challenge was to keep the unity of the commercial. After all, there were three different styles.

This fact alone could create an esthetic coherence conflict in the movie. To solve this issue, I worked focusing on the brand communication identity, exploring the tonal variation of the blue in the sceneries. As for the original arts and colors, I chose to work them in a balanced and punctual way in each different moment.